Polymer Nanotechnology

The field of Nanotechnology is one of the maximum popular areas for modern research and improvement in essentially all technical disciplines. This obviously consists of Polymer Nanotechnology which incorporates microelectronics (that could now be called nanomaterial). Other areas encompass polymer-primarily based totally biomaterials, Nano medicine, Nano emulsion debris; gas mobileular electrode polymer certain catalysts, layer-by-layer self-assembled polymer films, electrospun nanofabrication, imprint lithography, polymer blends and Nano composites. Phase separated polymer blends regularly acquire Nano scale section dimensions; block copolymer area morphology is generally on the Nano scale stage; uneven membranes regularly have Nano scale void structure, mini emulsion debris In the massive area of Nanotechnology, polymer matrix based Nano composites have become a prominent area of current research and improvement. Research of polymers and nanotechnology generally specializes in efforts to design materials at a molecular level to acquire desirable properties and applications at a macroscopic level. With this broad focus, research ranges from essential medical investigations of the interactions, properties and meeting of such molecular constituents to applied, engineering efforts that translate such essential data to futuristic technological advances

• Tissue engineering

• Polymer nanocomposites matrices

• Polycondensation polymerization

• Block copolymer nanocomposites

• Bio-hybrid polymer nanofiber.

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