Biopolymers : Sources, Production, Properties and Applications

Sources of Biopolymers. Plants, animals, microorganisms, and agricultural wastes are examples of natural biological sources of biopolymers. The production and processing of biopolymers. They may include a combination of any of fermentation, filtration, compounding/granulation, hydrolysis, esterification, poly-condensation, oxidation and dehydration. The physical properties associated with biopolymer and biopolymer composites mainly include melting, boiling points with shape, density and viscosity. The interaction of water molecules with biopolymers was found to alter the internal structure by making them sensitive to moisture. The biopolymers are found to be biocompatible and biodegradable, making them useful in different applications, such as edible films, emulsions, packaging materials in the food industry, and as drug transport materials, medical implants like medical implants organs, wound healing, tissue scaffolds, and dressing.

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