Bio-Based Materials for Packaging

polymer materials which can be liquid or malleable at low temperatures, however which change irreversibly to become tough at high temperatures. A predominant effort is underway to recognize biobased epoxy resins that can replacement for existing petroleum-based materials which includes bis-phenol A diglycidyl ether[C21H24O4] (BADGE). Unfortunately, bis-phenol A (BPA) is particularly complicated as it's far differentiated as a reprotoxic R2 substance and an endocrine disruptor. • Reactive injection moulding (used for objects such as milk bottle crates).

• Extrusion molding (used for making pipes, threads of fabric and insulation for electrical cables).

• Compression molding (used to shape SMC and BMC thermosetting plastics).

• Spin casting (used for producing fishing lures and jigs, gaming miniatures, figurines, emblems as well as production and replacement

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